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House Specials

Specialty Pizzas

Wood Fired Pizza



Little Piglets




Wings – 10.99

(6) spicy breaded wings or naked wings with your choice of sauce BBQ, buffalo, devil sauce, sweet chili, and honey mustard. 

Garlic Bread Sticks – 8.99

(4) (with or without cheese) – brushed with our house garlic spread and a side of marinara

Mozzarella Sticks – 9.99

(6) served with a side of marinara 

Mozzarella Caprese – 9.99

fresh mozzarella, tomato slices, basil, salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil

Chicken Tenders – 11.99

(3) in a basket with fries and your sauce of choice.

Jalapeno Poppers – 9.99

6) cream cheese poppers with a side of ranch

French Fries – 9.99

served in a basket with your choice of sauce

Appetizer Sampler – 14.99

3 wings, 3 breadsticks, 3 mozerella sticks & 3 jalapeños poppers


Ranch, Blue Cheese, Italian, Caesar, Thousand Island & Raspberry Vinaigrette

House Salad – small 5.99 / Large 9.99

house greens, cherry tomato, cucumber, carrot & roasted red pepper

Chicken Caesar Salad – 14.99

fresh romaine, croutons, Parmesan cheese & Caesar dressing topped with sliced, fresh grilled chicken breast

Cobb Salad – 14.99

house greens, cherry tomato, cucumber, carrot, hard boiled egg, grilled chicken, bacon & avocado

Chef Salad – 14.99

house greens, cherry tomato, cucumber, carrot, roasted red pepper, sliced turkey, ham, salami, provolone, hard boiled egg & cheddar

Sandwiches 13.99

Rocky Balboa

ham, salami, & pepperoni with provolone & mozzarella cheese. lettuce, tomato, red onion. oil/vinegar. salt and pepper

Cheese Steak

grilled shaved steak, onion, green peppers & mushrooms topped with your choice of cheese on a toasted bun

Fish Sandwich

lightly beer battered cod filet fried to perfection served with lettuce, tomato, onions, and tarter sauce on a Brioche bun

“the 55” .. Meatball Parm

sliced spicy sausage meatballs topped with our house marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese toasted and topped with parmesan and parsley

BBQ Pulled Pork

house made bbq pulled pork, red onion and melted cheddar cheese


Southwest Chicken

grilled chicken breast, melted pepper jack cheese, bacon, whole green chili, lettuce, tomato, red onion & chipotle aioli on a toasted bun or Texas toast

Big River Bison Sausage

sautéed onions and peppers

Burgers 13.99 (Big River Bison $16.49)

Includes Fries


American cheese, lettuce, tomatoe, onion

Green Chili Burger

Cheddar, smothered green chili


Pepper jack, pineapple, jalapeno sweet chili

Mushroom Swiss

Swiss cheese, mushrooms, onions

House Specials

Lasagna – 17.99

homemade and stuffed with ricotta cheese, ground beef, spicy sausage, spinach and topped with mozzarella cheese and parmesan. Served with garlic bread and side salad

Fish & Chips – 13.99

lightly battered cod filet fried to perfection. Served with tater sauce and a basket of fries

All Specialty Pizzas 8” 12.49 / 12” 16.49

12″ Gluten Free available as any type of pizza. $17.99

The Hog

Spicy Sausage, hamburger, pepperoni & bacon

Green Chili

house made green chili sauce topped with cheddar cheese and mozzarella

The Porky Peach

BBQ pulled pork, peach slices, red onion, cheddar and mozzarella topped with fresh basil

White Veggie

olive oil, oregano, diced tomato, red onion, scallions, broccoli, garlic, basil & mozzarella

Baked Potato Pizza

Ranch, sliced potato, scallions, bacon, cheddar & mozzarella

Chicken Broccoli

Olive oil, garlic, shredded chicken breast, broccoli, cheddar & mozzarella

Spicy Hawaiian

ham, pineapple, jalapeno, light bacon

Buffalo Chicken

Ranch or Blue Cheese, house made buffalo chicken, mozzarella & a swirl of hot sauce

BBQ Chicken

Sweet Baby Rays bbq sauce, shredded chicken, red onions, mozzarella, cilantro & a drizzle of bbq

Build Your Own

8″ Cheese 9.99
12″ Cheese 11.99
1.50 (Per Veggie/Cheese/Sauce topping)
2.00 (Per Meat topping)

Wood Fired Pizza 8” or 12”

8” or 12”Pizza Margherita – 8″ 10.49 / 12″ 13.49

San Marzano tomatoes sauce, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and a drizzle of olive oil

Pizza Bianca – 8″ 10.49 / 12″ 13.49

olive oil, oregano, fresh ricotta, mozzarella & parmesan cheese


A La The La La – 13.99

Marinara sauce, mozzarella, fresh ricotta, pepperoni, spicy sausage, bacon, bell peppers and onions

Cheese – 9.99

Served with ricotta, mozzarella cheese, and marinara sauce

Additional Topping Options:

Meat Toppings – 2.00 Each

Spicy Sausage, hamburger, pepperoni, bacon, ham, salami, meatball, chicken, pulled pork

Types of Cheese – 1.50 Each

Shredded mozzarella, fresh mozzarella, cheddar, feta, provolone, parmesan, ricotta, pepper jack

Veggie Toppings – 1.50 Each

onions, green peppers, banana peppers, roasted red peppers, red onion, scallions, black olives, mushroom, tomato, garlic, basil, pineapple, jalapeno, potato slices, whole green chili, avocado, spinach

Types of Sauce

red sauce, white sauce, green chili sauce, ranch or blue cheese

Pastas 17.99 (Add Shrimp 2.99)

Served with Salad and Breadsticks

The Grandpa Andy

Green Chili Chicken Pasta –
Your choice of penne or spaghetti, oven roasted chicken breast, creamy green chili sauce topped with cheddar and parmesan

Four Cheese Ravioli

with garlic, onions in a roasted red pepper sauce

Penne a la vodka

penne tossed in a pink vodka cream sauce with ground beef

Pasta with Meatballs

with tomato sauce, spicy sausage and choice of penne or spaghetti

Chicken Alfredo

Noodles tossed in fresh made Alfredo sauce, oven roasted chicken breast and plenty of parmesan cheese

Little Piglets 8.99

7″ Pizza Cheese

or 1 topping served with fries or fruit.

Kids Spaghetti

with or without sauce served with fries or fruit

Add a spicy sausage meatball for an additional 1.50

Chicken Strips

2 large strips served with fries or fruit and  sauce of choice

Meatball Sandwich

served with fries or fruit



topped with your choice of toppings

CANNOLI – 8.99

drizzled in chocolate or carmel syrup


served with fresh vanilla ice cream


Drinks 3.75


Diet Coke
Dr. Pepper

Fresh Drinks

Ice Tea



*Disclosure: Some of the photos shown on this page are stock photography.

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